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Pacote de Mergulho em Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is considered a tropical paradise with hundreds miles of clean blue water. Scuba divers come here every year to immerse themselves in an ocean of wonder and beautiful sights. Whether you are an inexperience scuba diver that simply wants to learn or have many years of experience, Fernando de Noronha is an incredible destination to explore and relax.  

There is an abundance of marine life - some quite exotic in these waters; past divers have come into contact with dolphins, reef sharks, stingrays, colourful fish and large turtles. The I.B.A.M.A only allows one boat per dive site and only three dive operators are allowed to operate on the islands; for this reason, you will not see many divers underwater. Most of the exciting spots can only be reached by boat; therefore, it is recommended to book your trip through diving companies that will help you explore the islands. A great choice to schedule your diving trip through Trip Noronha, where there are different levels of diving you can choose from. From a basic experience to a more advance experience, tourists are able to dive in the morning and have the afternoon free to explore the islands.

Divers often describe the water to be warm and the exotic sea-life to be quite exquisite. With crystal blue water and 80 degree weather all year long, scuba diving in the Fernando de Noronha islands cannot be a better choice. Usually the dive ranges from 82-131 feet in depth. A very popular diving spot is where the Brazilian warship, Corveta Ipiranga V17, sank in 1987. It lies undisturbed 210 feet below the ocean waiting to be explored by scuba divers alike. A very well-liked area that all experience level divers can explore is the Eliane Estatatus, a sunken Greek ship, found 27 feet deep under the Santo Antonio Bay. It is located very near the shore where many swimmers can reach it. 

An increasing activity in Fernando de Noronha islands is the Technical Diving. With this technique divers reach depths of more than 300 feet with prolonged duration and even wreck penetration.